EDITORIAL: Healthy relationships classes could be beneficial for teens | Opinion

Relationships are necessary to succeed in life. Whether those relationships involve parents and children, romantic relationships, friendships or professional relationships, navigating these effectively can have longtime impacts on our daily lives and views of ourselves and the world.

It’s important that people learn relationship lessons early in life, so we’re glad to see that a series of classes will start next month to help teenagers build healthy relationships.

The classes will be held at Public Library of Enid and Garfield County, and is a partnership between the library and Garfield County Health Department. They are designed to provide youths 14-18 years old with tools for building healthy relationships of all kinds.

Most people learn how to interact with others through their own caregivers or family members. Many families are complicated, and often too many adults themselves never learned how to establish healthy relationships.

These classes are meant to focus on three main areas — communication, setting boundaries and consent. These are three important components of building relationships with anyone.

Teaching children about the expectations of healthy relationships can help them identify when something is wrong in a relationship. Healthy relationships include mutual respect, trust, a feeling of safety, honesty and support.

Signs of unhealthy relationships could include possessiveness, isolation, jealousy, yelling or humiliation, volatility and manipulation.

The classes begin Nov. 1 and will be taught by an adolescent health specialist with Oklahoma State Health Department. Those interested in learning more about the classes may contact Arielle Bush at (580) 623-7988 or email [email protected]