‘Hairspray Live’ star Maddie Baillio loses 150 pounds, in ‘healthy relationship’ with her body

You can’t stop Maddie.

“Hairspray Live!” alum Maddie Baillio, who starred as Tracy Turnblad in the 2016 TV special, has opened up about her 150-lb. weight loss journey, and how life has become “so much more fun” since she gained more “physical stamina.”

“I’m in a lovely, healthy relationship with myself and my body and my family and my partner [Solomon Reynolds],” the 26-year-old actress told People, noting she’s “in a much more centered, grounded place” than at the start of COVID.

While shooting the 2021 Camila Cabello remake of “Cinderella,” Baillio noticed she “couldn’t keep up with the choreography” during a scene that went on to be cut, and it made her put her health center stage.

“I kept losing my breath. We’d have to start reshooting the scene over and over for me,” she recalled, noting that’s when she aimed to “build stamina.”

Baillio started her journey by taking daily half-hour walks — which eventually increased to two hours — and also went on to become vegan.

“The sun was so good for my mental health and my physical health,” she said. “I stepped on the scale, and that was inspiring to see that I had control over something — that I had control over my body.”

Baillio’s “whole world opened up” once she found herself physically able to “keep up,” she told People.

“I’m inspired by the changing mentality,” said Baillio, who noted her acting career didn’t really leave her feeling pressured to lose weight, adding, “I wanna play my dream roles on Broadway that have nothing to do with my weight.”