Hypertension tip: Mindfulness meditation can rapidly lower your blood pressure – study

“It is almost like a scientist curiously and objectively observing the information coming in through the sense organs and the mind, and then responding skillfully to that information.”

The study measured the blood pressure of 200 participants with high blood pressure from Rhode island.

The participants were split into two groups: those who received normal care, versus those who attended eight long mindfulness group sessions and a one-day retreat.

The mindfulness group was also encouraged to meditate at home for at least 45 minutes daily, six days a week.

After six months, this group saw a drop of 6 mm Hg in their blood pressure compared to a drop of 1.4 mmHg in the control group.

Mr. Loucks added: “Mindfulness also involves the concept of remembering, or in other words, remembering to bring one’s wisdom (wherever it was gained, such as from health care professionals or public health messages) into the present moment.

“Wisdom in the context of elevated blood pressure levels may include knowledge that evidence-based practices, such as physical activity, diet, limited alcohol consumption, and antihypertensive medication adherence, can improve well-being.”

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